Nut Guitar Bone for M Style 43 mm 1 11/16 Right Hand

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Guitar Nut Right Hand 43mm M Style

Right HAND

Modern M Style

.234" Thickness (5.9mm 15/64")
.328" Height (21/64" or 8.3mm) in middle
1.699" length (1 11/16" or 43.1mm)

This is a bone nut, the product is formed with Bone material.
It is pre-shaped and pre-sized.

Please note there are a number of width and slot sizes produced for M type guitars, please check the drawing detail for fit for your application.


Eight Hand

Oxen Bone Nut

.234" width (5.9mm or 15/64")
.328" height (21/64" or 8.3mm) in middle
1st string height is .288" (just under 9/32" (7.2mm) at top edge of nut
6th string height is .312" (5/16" (8.0mm)
1.699" width (1 11/16" or 43.1mm)

String spread is 1.375" Typical for width of nut (1 3/8" or 35mm)

String slots are set for 12-50 gauge cut.

Radius 14"

Depending on your guitar, you may have to sand for height or adjust string slot cut for setup.

Note: This is a flat bottom nut similar to many modern G Style nuts, it is not tapered to fit older designs.

Natural Material

This Product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more info go to

This product is produced for Bitterroot Guitars.
We are not associated with the original manufacturer, these parts originate from our suppliers only.