Truss Rods

Truss Rods

Truss Rods for Builders and Luthiers

We carry one of the largest selections of 2 Way truss rods in stock ready for shipment. Our rods our both tested at the production line and again at our shipping location (it is always recommended you bench test rods prior to installation in your neck).

We are ask a lot what the difference is and why we offer a dual action and a two way rod.
The answer is actually fairly simple, they are both two way, two course dual action rods. But in order to define them for you and handle them correctly when shipping an order we define one as a dual action and one as a two way. Both work similar, just different ways of setting them up and installing them.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you bench test the rod prior to installation in your neck. While we do not have many issues with the performance of this rod, but it is a good idea to check the rod prior to installation. Bench testing can be down by placing each end of the rod in a vise and moving the rod in a normal range of motion and beyond to check the rod. After installation the rod can be very difficult to remove or repair. We test all rods here in the US, but we do suggest this additional step to insure the rod is working correctly prior to placement in the neck.

Warranty for this rod is limited to replacement of the rod.or a refund on the product itself. Bitterroot Guitars is not responsible for repair or replacement of any guitar or neck due to installation or product failure.

Warranty is limited to replacement or refund of the rod itself and the original cost of the rod. Any modifications to the rod void this warranty. Please contact us if you have an issue with any of our rods.