Nut Graphite 6 String Bass Guitar 51.3mm 2 1/32 RH


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Nut, for 6 String Bass Guitars, Right Hand

Graphite molded plastic nut

Pre-Slotted string locations.

51.3mm or 2 1/32


Right Hand
Overall width 2 1/32" (51.3mm)
Overall Thickness is 5.1mm or 0.199" (just under 13/64")
Overall Height is 9.2mm or .359" (23/64")
Molded plastic graphite nut.
Pre-slotted for standard 6 string setup
Overall height at string 1 - 0..325" (21/64" or 8.3mm)
Overall height at string 6 - 0.353" (just over 11/32" or 9mm)
Upper radius (string) is 16"
Flat Bottom

String Spread 43mm 1 11/16"

This product is a molded plastic graphite.

Please note, you may have to sand or adjust slotting depending upon your setup.

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