Matching the nut setup on your guitar to our products.

Jan 16th 2024

We have established this page to assist in matching up our nut selection to specific guitars and applications.

This is by no means a complete list, there are too many different setups in the market to be able to match everything built over the years. Hopefully this will help in identifying and choosing a specific nut for your actual application.

Please feel free to call or email us for additional help as well.

PLEASE NOTE: All products listed here are either made specifically for us or by one of our suppliers. The products are cross referenced by manufacturer for the purpose of application, this is not intended to suggest or represent either endorsement or OEM manufacturers authorization or use of this product. All products sold by us are manufactured to our specifications and are not provided by the original manufacturer.


StyleHandMaterialPart NumberWidth inchWidth mmSlot widthBottomRadiusSlotsShape# of strings
Strat®RHBone1092831 5/8"42.135"Curved7.25"YesYes6
RHBone1092881 5/8"42.141"Curved9.5"YesYes6
RHBone1092761 11/16"43.138"Flat10"YesYes6
RHBone1092751 11/16"43.133"Flat12"YesYes6
RHGraphite1092721 11/16"43.138"Flat12"YesYes6
RHTusq BKPT-50001 11./16"43.128"CNotch9.5"YesYes6
LHTusq BKPT-50001 11./16"43.128"CNotch9.5"YesYes6
RHTusq XLPQL-50001 11./16"43.128"CNotch9.5"YesYes6
LHTusq XLPQL-50001 11./16"43.128"CNotch9.5"YesYes6